Thursday, March 29, 2012

Restaurant review - Wild Egg Louisville, KY

We went to Louisville in Kentucky for part of our spring break.  I love so just SO pretty there.  Hills, flowers, nice people....all kinds of good stuff.  The only problem I see is the public schools...not so good.

We met my father-in-law at Wild Eggs for breakfast before we left town.  The place was packed!   
 If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know my kids, especially our middle daughter, is a hot chocolate conniseur.  Here is what the hot chocolate looked like here at Wild Eggs.  Our daughter didn't like it, but our son loved it.  For her, too many marshmallows....for him (and myself) never too much marshmallows!  When they all float on the hot chocolate, you get all melty, creamy, sweet layer of love.
 This is the stuffed french toast our daughter got.  It was very tasty.  It was supposed to come with fruit, but she didn't want that.  This was delicious, but very rich!  One bite was plenty for me!
This was my was really good.  And that balsamic drizzle is just right. And the mushrooms, and tomato hollandaise sauce was a great combo....with the runny egg....really good breakfast! I had the choice of sides.  I chose grits of the day...they were Greek grits....grits with feta cheese, artichoke hearts and spinach.  It was quite salty...I didn't really care for it.

Bennies Gone Wild

Wild mushrooms, toasted English muffin, grilled tomato, poached eggs, roasted tomato hollandaise, balsamic reduction and smoked paprika
The service was SUPER slow....and not southern paced, laid-back slow....really SLOW.  And then once our food came to our table, two (out of 6) dishes came out wrong.  They fixed them quickly. But the management handled it right and comped us two of our dish. Good business.....