Friday, October 28, 2011

So my husband asked "How are you going to write your blog if you go out to dinner?"  This is how.....

I was planning to make sushi today....I always have the crab sticks in the fridge.  And I always have masago in the freezer. I bought avocados, green onions, and spicy mayo to make our sushi rolls.  Each person likes their roll different : A - avocado and masago, B - avocado, crab, and masago, S - avocado (thin strips), crab, masago, A LOT of green onions, very little rice, I - avocado, crab, masago, green onions (but not as much as my hubby), and I like avocado, crab (1 stick cut in half), and A LOT of masago.

I rushed home from trying to help B put together a Halloween costume.  I had to start with the rice, but I searched and couldn't find the innards to the rice cooker.  I put the rice and the same amount of water into a pot, covered it and put it on very low.

When I told S about the rice issue, he said "Let's go out".  Rarely do I disagree with this idea.  We went to the Continental.  I had a great salad - Surf City Salad.  One of the few salads that has more stuff than lettuce.  Yum! Crab (fake), olives, blue cheese, bacon, turkey, hard boiled egg, and avocado.  It is SO good that you don't even need dressing.  S had gyros.  It was not good.  You know how gyros are cut from a slab?  Well, if it has been sitting, it gets crusty.  That's the part that S got...the crusty, yucky outer stuff.  He should have asked for more meat.  I have NO problem when I go out for dinner and my food is sub-par when it easily could be better, asking for another plate of it....or even another dish altogether.  If I am paying I expect a certain level - even at a local place like the Continental - where the average age of the diner is 66.

Real quickly - I just wanted to jump off topic and talk about Halloween or in my world called Hallow-weeny - a long day full of nothing! It is an awful holiday.  Spend money on a pumpkin, only to get it smashed by a kid. Spend money on a costume, only to get it worn once. Spend money on candy to pass out, only to have each kid come home with a pillowcase full of candy. And then who is tricker-treating with who and how they are going to get wherever and how long they will be out.  AWFUL!!!!

No dinner tomorrow - we are going to a bat mitzvah party....but, as always, I will have something to talk about so stay tuned.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

So A got her braces off today and had asked for corn on the cob. I bought bi-color corn....much sweeter and yummier than plain yellow corn!  I already had the stuff for the stir fry, so I made that as well as the corn. I had put the broccoli and carrots in a pan with water in it to steam them to get softer (my kids like those vegis soft - yuck!).  The problem was that I had to run out to pick up the soccer group (Super Mom's you know how that goes....running out in the middle of making dinner to drive car pool!). Once the steaming was almost done and I asked A to turn off the stove  - I set a timer so that she would know when it was time (about 5 minutes).  Well, she turned off the stove (good girl!), but the pan was still so hot that all the water had evaporated and the pan and vegis all burned.  It smelled and is a mess to clean up. I will put it on the stove with water in it and let it boil for awhile, that should allow for me to get the pan clean - probably tomorrow.....something has to give on my crazy Super Mom life, and dishes is that thing.

I made the stir fry without the broccoli and just chicken, onions and mushrooms.  At the end, I put in water chestnuts and bean sprouts.  I also put in some sugar free teryaki sauce I had found at my store.  There were complaints that I didn't make enough, but everyone was full when dinner was done.  I am just tired of left overs getting put away and never eaten.

Count Chocula was on sale at work ($.99!!), so I bought myself a box and hid it.  The only problem was that I was SO excited to eat it that I ate 4 bowls of it in the last two days.  Now the roof of my mouth is raw.   All I can think about it that I hope my mouth heals so that when we go out of town next week, my rawness won't effect the tasting experience of the special restaurants in Toronto when we go out of town.  I need to careful what I eat for the next week.

One of my co-workers (thanks Cyndi!) brought me some brownies she had made.....chocolate and caramel with cayene pepper.  It was yummy!  The heat sneaks up on just taste the sweet goodness at first, but then the heat hits you in the back of your throat.  I love that - but only when the difference between the sweet and the hot aren't so huge..

A "gourmet" popsicle I had on a trip to Nashville had TOO large of a contrast.  It was chocolaty and cold, but once the cold left, it has burning my I would take another lick to cool it off....and then hot again.  And so the cycle went around and around until I threw it away.  I just couldn't take the sharp contracts anymore!!!

Not sure what dinner is going to be tomorrow.  It is the only weekday I don't work.....hhhhmmmmm.....not sure......

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 26, 2011

I started the day thinking I was going to make stir-fry for dinner.  I bought everything from work after I got out...the chicken, water chestnuts, bean sprouts, carrot, broccoli, and sugar free terryaki, but NO.....I realized that our schedules just wouldn't work for that.  I need to make it tomorrow since I have everything.  But A is getting her braces off, therefore she wants corn on the cob.

So...supper on the run today.  A picked up fried rice from I am Siam.  She likes it, to me it is bland and over priced for  what you get. B picked up from Pastabilities.  She likes it, but I can't believe I paid that much for pasta and sauce.  S, I and myself met my parents at their club for supper.  I had a Chinese salad. I can only imagine the amount of fat in that "peanut sesame" salad dressing.  I was hoping at least there would have been mandarin oranges, but no luck.  I like when salads have a punch of a sweet in it.  Nothing like that here.  Oh well...I know not to order that again.

I did hear about a great deal.....Tuscany (on Milwaukee) has half price dinner 4-6 on Wednesdays.  We definitely need to go there.

Hopefully stir fry (and corn on the cob) tomorrow......