Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Restaurant review - Inspiration Kitchen - Chicago, IL

What a special brunch we had a Inspiration Kitchen. Here is there mission statement:
Inspiration Corporation provides essential social services to Chicagoans hardest hit by homelessness and poverty, and we inspire our participants to take action to improve their own lives. Here at Inspiration Kitchens, we help individuals gain valuable skills and experience that lead to employment in the food service industry. Thank you for dining with us and changing lives!
I picked this restaurant from looking on Yelp.  I was looking for a place in the city to go for brunch.  This "Inspiration Kitchen" had good reviews on their food.  Good enough for me.  Off we went with GPS leading the way.  We didn't know what a special place we were going into and what life lessons our kids would learn that meal.  Once we got there, I read different articles that were on the wall and realized what a special place we had gone into.  I asked the hostess to explain the kids what was going on there and she graciously and eloquently, in her own words - explained the mission (I copied their statement from their website and put up there).  Our kids were amazed.  "You mean homeless people made this food?"  And then it lead to a conversation on about how with some understanding and training, people can change their lives.  WOW....and all because we wanted to try a new place for brunch.  Who knew?!?!?

Ok....let's talk food...I mean...this is why I picked this place to go eat at...right?  Some would say yes....some would say we were "meant" to go here and learn more.  Anyways.....
Here is the hot chocolate our daughter ordered.  If you have read my blog for awhile, you now know our daughter fancies herself a hot chocolate conniseur.  Here was her cup of hot chocolate.  She rated it a 5 out of 10....good...not great.  But don't get me wrong...she finished every last drop of it.  And it sure looks great!!
I ordered biscuits and gravy.  It is homemade biscuits, corned beef hash, scrambled eggs, and sausage gravy.  Boy was this good!!!  I have never had biscuits and gravy with corned beef hash...and what a great combo. Some potato and onion with bits of corned beef.  The biscuits were so fresh they stuck together.  Perfection!  See the parsley on the plate...it was wilted and totally not necessary.  I would tell them don't waste the money on it.  Let the food do it's own talking - and talks very well!!!
Here is the outside.  It is a very small place though there was never much of a wait. What I don't have is a picture of the french toast. - deemed by our kids as some of the best french toast they have ever had.  Our son declared "I think there is some cinnamon in here".  Our little foodie....we are SO proud!!

Across from the restaurant is a community and outreach center. There were gorgeous mosaics on their walls.  Various words were in the artwork...peace, respect, restore...just to name a few.  Go there and see the wonderful art for yourself and go eat some wonderful, heartful food.

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