Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Good dinner tonight.  Salmon for the adults, chicken for the kids and roasted brussel sprouts and carrots for all.

To start with I cut up the brussel sprouts and carrots (putting the scraps into my compost bucket) and put them on a tin foil (for ease of cleaning) lined baking sheet, drizzled with oil and into a 400 degree oven.
They cooked there while I put the chicken breasts on the grill and got the ingredients ready for the salmon.  I stirred the brussel sprouts and carrots around once and let them cook longer.  Once they were browned, I took them out and crushed sea salt over them.  Yum!!!!
See how nice and brown they all get??  Who ever says they don't like brussel sprouts, I challenge you to make them this way and not like them.  SO good!!!
For the kids I just grilled chicken breasts.  They like theirs simple.  I just grill the breasts with Lawry's seasoning salt sprinkled on each side - and that's it.  No others seasonings.  I didn't even marinade it. Simple.  Each kids like a different sauce - terriyaki or bbq sauce....whatever they want.  No pictures here....too boring!!

One of my customers inspired me to make the salmon tonight.  She told me a recipe and I tried my best to make it similar to what she had said.  Norweign salmon was on sale at work - I like to try to cook with whatever meats are on sale.  Since this does not have a strong salmon flavor, I thought I would like it and I did. I made a piece for myself and a piece for my husband.  I mixed together 2T reduced fat Miracle Whip (I know - there are two camps - the Miracle Whip camp and the mayonnaise camp.  I was raised on Miracle Whip, so I tend to lean that way.  I hope I didn't just offend anyone!), 1 full teaspoon of grainy mustard, and 2 squeezes of a lemon.  I spread that on top of each piece of fish.  I then mixed together 1/8 cp panko crumbs, zest of 1 lemon, 1/2t garlic powder and heavy pinch of kosher salt.  I put the crumb mixture over the spread on the salmon.  I put the pieces (skin side down) into a very hot pan that I had sprayed with Pam - a regular pan, not non-stick.  I let it cook there for about 5 minutes.  Then I put the whole pan into the 400 degree oven that the vegis were cooking in.  The vegis were on a lower shelf than the pan - making them closer to the heat source and the fish further away.  The pan stayed in the oven with the vegis for about 8 minutes.  I took the vegis out, turned the broiler onto high.  I kept the broiler on for about 6 minutes with the last 2 minutes moving the pan right under the broiler.  I wanted to brown the panko crumbs more.

SOOOOO delicious!  The coating was tangy and crunchy.  The mustard wasn't too evident, but the taste was.  Not sure if that makes sense....but that's the way it tasted.  The panko added a wonderful crunch.  You can see how the lemon zest browned more than the crumbs.  I think this made it so pretty!

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