Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dinner - Coq Au Vin Fondue

One of our favorite places to eat is Melting Pot....but boy can that add up!!  We like their fondue that uses broth - Coq Au Vin - to cook the meats and vegetables.  We also like the chocolate fondue - the half dark chocolate, half white chocolate one.  Here's pictures from a Melting Pot we went to on our trip to Memphis.

So, for Hannukah, my husband bought me two Cuisinart electric fondue pots. I looked on line for a recipe for the Coq Au Vin fondue they use at Melting Pot.  I didn't try the chocolate fondue - this time.

Here is the recipe for the broth -
3 1/2 cp vegetable broth
3/4 cp burgandy wine
1T crushed garlic
1 cube of Knorr vegetable bullion
some salt and pepper

That's it.  I doubled it (to use both pots) and cooked it initially on the stove top.  Once we were ready to eat, I put it into the pots and heated them to a boil right there on the table.  WOW!!!

I cut up steak, chicken, peeled shrimp, cut up broccoli and carrots and also put out mushrooms.

I also put three sauces on the table.  You can use whatever you cheese dressing, horseradish sauce, bbq sauce.....whatever.  I put out mustard sauce from Sunset, sugar free teriyaki by Seal Sama,   and an amazing new sauce I found at work....Bronco Bob's Smoked Bacon Chipotle sauce.

We just put the vegis just right into the pots and poked them out with our forks as we wanted to eat them.  We used the fondue forks for our meats.  What an incredible, healthy supper we had!  We will FOR SURE be making this again.

The broth was SO amazing, even more so now that meats and vegetables has been cooked in it, that I saved it to make soup out of the next day.  You'll see that soon.....yum!

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