Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Restaurant review - Gumrai Thai Arlington Heights, Illinois

This is a easy place for our family to go for lunch.  Our middle kid loves the fried rice here - check.  Our oldest daughter likes thai food - check.  Our youngest is adventurous in his eating - check.  Phew...all three are happy.....rare.  And it is reasonably priced.  Service is good, but parking can be a bit of a headache.  Don't let that stop you.....just be patient.

 These are the potstickers we had.  Crunchy and flavorful.  And their dipping sauce is good too.
 This comes with all lunch ordered - 2 sticks of chicken satay with peanut sauce.  Cucumber salad and a sweet and sour like soup.  All tasty and makes your dollar stretch even further.
This is the pad se-ew our oldest had.  The noddles were so soft and there was a good amount of broccoli and chicken - which at some places it is mainly broccoli and noodles with a tiny bit of chicken.  Not here....
I had three maki rolls for $9 - coming with miso soup.  Good price.  I had (going clockwise) california, sweet potato and shitake mushroom. Not too much rice (again a pitfull of some places that make sushi), and all tasty.  You are thinking - sushi at a thai place.  I know, weird, but it works for me.

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